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How to Tell if You Need to Get Your Heating System Fixed

Jun 2

heating repairMost of the time, we tend to think that we can take care of our heating systems independently. After all, they don't seem too complicated. But that's wrong. If you think about it, you'll realize that your heating system is composed of complex parts that work together to produce the heat that you need in your home. And when one of those parts fails, it can cause the entire system to stop working.


Here's how you can tell if you need heating repair Pointe-Claire, QC:


1. You notice that your energy bills have increased significantly.

If you've been using the same amount of energy, but your energy bills have gone up, something is likely wrong with your heating system. It could be that it's working harder than it should because it's not as efficient as it used to be. Or, there could be a problem with one of the parts causing it to use more energy than usual. In any case, you should have a professional look at your system to see what's going on. Cirtech CVAC can help. Call them now.


2. Your home isn't as warm as it used to be.

Have you noticed that your home doesn't feel as warm as it used to? If you have, then it's possible that your heating system isn't working as well as it should be. Over time, parts can wear out and become less effective. In terms of your home's temperature, this can mean that your home won't be as warm as it used to be, even if you have the heat turned up.

3. You hear strange noises coming from your heating system.

Strange noises such as banging, grinding, or squealing are signs that something is wrong with your system. It could be that a part has become loose and is banging around inside. Or, there could be an issue with one of the bearings. In any case, you should have a heating repair professional Pointe-Claire, QC look at it to see what's going on. These noises can also signify that your system is about to break down, so it's best to have it checked out as soon as possible.


4. Your system has been turned off for a while.

Have you stopped using your heating system for a while? Some parts, such as the blower, can become corrupted when they're not used for a long time. You need to call in a heating repair professional Pointe-Claire, QC to inspect and clean your system before turning it back on. We don't recommend that you try to do this yourself as you could damage your system.


5. You see water around your heating system.

Once you see water, likely, there's already significant damage. Water can cause rust and other problems, so you need to have a professional look at your system as soon as possible. You should try to avoid water damage as much as possible, as it can be very costly to repair. With Cirtech CVAC, you won’t have to worry about this problem anymore. Contact them today.


6. There's an unusual smell coming from your system.

If you notice an unusual smell, it's best to have a professional look at your system. It could be that something is burning inside, which can signify a severe problem. In some cases, the smell could also be due to a gas leak, in which case you should evacuate your home immediately and call the gas company.

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