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My Heater System Won't Fire Up: What Should I Do?

Apr 27

When it's close to freezing outdoors, the last thing anyone wants is to come home to a heater system that they can rely on. However, if your heater stops or is only putting out an inadequate amount of warmth, you should be alarmed.


But, don’t worry, there are easy ways to troubleshoot that problem. Once you’ve followed these steps and your heater has left you freezing despite your best efforts, that's the time to call for a heating repair service Plano, TX.


If you wish to fix your heating system at home, we've compiled a list of troubleshooting techniques that you can follow.


Check on the furnace switch

Do you own a heater and haven't used it in a long time? You may have made a simple error by forgetting to switch it back on. This switch is positioned near the heater and acts as an additional breaker control and a mechanism to turn off the heater again for the season. If your heater doesn't still fire up, then get a heating repair service Plano, TX right away.


Adjust your thermostat settings

Most of the time, homeowners ignore the thermostat settings. Who knows, it may still be set to summer programming and won't know when to switch on. Or somebody in the household might just have made changes without your consent.


If you don’t know how to adjust it back and you find yourself continually increasing the temperature, stop it. Don’t force the heater to heat up. Instead, call for a heating repair service Plano, TX you can rely on if this problem arises. 


See any tripped circuits

If pressing the power switch on the heater doesn't help the issue, control the power supply and see which breakers have tripped. Then restart the heater after resetting any tripped circuits. If the breaker continues tripping, you'll require an electrical repair, which we can do.


Regularly change the air filter

Your heat pump's air filter safeguards the inside from the harm that clouds of dust may cause. Unfortunately, after one to three months, it will clog up, causing the heater's effectiveness to suffer, or it might be the reason for the heater not switching on at all. If the filter is clogged, replace it with a new one, and ensure to change the filter frequently during cold weather comes in.

Notice any weird smell?

If you notice a musty odor emanating from your heater, turn it off immediately. Then, get your filtration cleaned or changed inside the unit and rerunning it. If the stench persists after a freshly cleaned filter, contact an HVAC specialist for a heating repair service Plano, TX, and have your system and pipes checked.


Still Won’t Work, Even Now? 

If you've gone through the five most frequent heater issues and are still having problems, it's time to call Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating for heating repair service Plano, TX.


Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating's team is quick, efficient, and available for emergency repairs to ensure you don't have to struggle during the chilly weather longer.


In addition, they can evaluate and maintain your heating system to prevent unexpected breakdowns, which always happen at the worst possible moment. You can count on them for all your needs, whether it’s a new installation or regular maintenance. Their ultimate goal is to keep you and your family safe and comfortable all year long.


If your heating repair service Plano, TX, contact them today by giving them a call at 972-848-8558.