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How to Choose the Right Contractor for Heating Installation

Apr 4

Choosing the right contractor for your heating installation is essential to getting a good job done. When you hire a contractor, it's vital that they have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure that your new heating system goes in with minimal disruption to your life and no problems when it starts up. Here's what you should do to hire the right technician for the job.

Make Sure They're Licensed and Insured

When you want to hire a contractor, you should look at whether they are appropriately licensed and insured. Heating installation service in Plano, TX, is an incredibly complex job. Without the proper licensing, your system won't work right or could even start leaking dangerous gases into your home.


Make sure that they're adequately insured as well. There's nothing worse than paying a contractor thousands of dollars to install a system and finding out that it will be your responsibility to cover the damages if something goes wrong.

Find Out About Their Experience

When you first start interviewing contractors, one of the first questions you should ask them is how long they have been in business doing the heating installation. If they've been doing it for decades, then the chances are good that they know what they're doing. Whereas if their experience is just limited to a few months or even days, you should keep looking for someone with more experience.


A good technician should be able to tell you about past jobs they've done, what went right and what went wrong, and what they did to resolve any problems that occurred. If they're unable to do this, you may want to keep looking for someone who will provide more information about their qualifications.

Find Out What Their License Numbers Are

If the contractor you are interviewing is appropriately licensed and certified by the state, a license number should be listed on their website somewhere. Contact your local building department and ask them if the contractor's license number checks out with them. If it doesn't check out or isn't listed, this could mean that they haven't been through the proper licensing channels, which means they're not qualified to complete your installation.

Get References

Find out if the contractor you're interested in has any references. If they do, contact those references and ask them how their experience with this contractor was. They'll be able to tell you everything from what it looked like when they did the job to their work ethic and whether or not their team came back at all after they completed the installation (a sign of poor character).

Get a Written Estimate and Contract

Once you've found someone with satisfactory qualifications, it's time to get a written estimate for your heating installation service in Plano, TX, as well as a contract. The assessment should detail exactly what will be done during your installation process, so there are no surprises afterward.


It should also have an itemized list of what is not included in the estimate and what will cost extra (like if your contractor needs to remove old materials that may be hazardous before they put new ones in). If you're able to get a list of references along with their contact information, this can also help you gauge how reasonable the estimate seems.

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