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8 Pointers To Remember When Getting Heating Installation Service

Mar 28

Have you ever tried shopping for a new furnace, boiler, heater, or heat pump? Then you know how complex and difficult this decision-making process can be! 

Heating installation service Anthem, AZ involves a lot of thought, planning, and consideration. Planning and sizing the project accordingly can not only save you dollars but will also help you keep the process running smoothly so you can avoid delays.

Finding a trusted team that provides excellent heating installation service Anthem, AZ can make the job easier. This post will share these top tips to consider before installing, replacing, or repairing your heating system:

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for.

It is not always the lowest price that offers the best option. Initially, it might seem like a good deal, very tempting, right? However, a cheaper price for heating installation service Anthem, AZ might also mean inferior equipment and/or workmanship. Over time, high-efficiency equipment (which can be pricey) can actually save you money on energy costs. And will even pay for itself over time.

Remember to take advantage of rebates

There are rebates for high-efficiency systems offered by manufacturers, states, power companies, and even the federal government. This can greatly reduce the amount of money you spend out of pocket when purchasing or replacing a new system.

Keep an eye on SEER ratings

SEER means “seasonal energy efficiency ratio”. It is a measure of system efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system is. This also means it uses less energy and saves you money.

Do your research

Compare several quotes from a number of reputable companies before getting heating installation service Anthem, AZ. Check out their customer guarantees and see if it fits your needs.

Each contractor will have a different set of equipment and quality of service. Always check real customer reviews online.

Ask about refrigerant

R-22 refrigerant has been prohibited and the production discontinued. While supplies are still available, prices are increasing and supplies are dwindling. Verify that the system you are buying uses the latest refrigerant, R-410A.

Take care of your new system

Along with the heating installation service Anthem, AZ, you might consider a yearly maintenance contract. Keeping your system running at peak efficiency and performance requires annual check-ups and maintenance. This will not only extend the life of your system but may also prevent expensive and avoidable repairs down the road.

Size is important

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, the old maxim "bigger is better" does not apply. It is usually fine to replace an old system with a newer one of similar size. However, several circumstances can prompt change, such as adding more doors or windows, and insulation. To determine the size and type of equipment that should be installed in your home, your contractor should walk through your home thoroughly to identify any changes.

Consider financing

Installing a new heating system can be expensive and drain your available finances. To encourage customers, contractors often offer special 0% financing.

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