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Furnace Flame Colors and Their Meaning

Mar 20

More likely than not, you don't put too much thought into what color your furnace flame is. You probably don't care whether it burns yellow or blue, as long as it heats your home as intended.

Unfortunately, some flame colors indicate dangers and mean that you need to schedule a heating repair service in Frisco, TX. That's why you should pay more attention to what your furnace color is.

Furnace Flame Colors

The furnace flame can burn in three different colors: blue, yellow, and orange. Here are what each of these colors means:

Blue Flame

Your furnace produces a blue-colored flame when fuel has been thoroughly burned. If you see a blue flame with a small blue triangle in the center, then it means your furnace is operating effectively. It produces the most heat with less fuel. You can rest easy that nothing is wrong with your heating system when you see a blue flame in your furnace.

Orange or Yellow Flame

You'll know that there is something wrong with your heating system if the flame turns yellow or orange. This means that too much fuel is burning in the furnace, and not enough air is mixed with them. One of two things happens when the flame is orange or yellow: incomplete combustion and incomplete oxidation. These can pose potentially dangerous situations for you, your family, and your home because they could result in carbon monoxide buildup.

If you see a yellow or orange flame in your furnace burner, schedule a heating repair service in Frisco, TX.

The Flame Isn't Blue: Should You Be Concerned?

The color of your furnace flame will tell you what's going on with your heating system. If the flame is blue, everything is going well as far as the fuel is concerned. Other flame colors, however, can be a sign of a problem.

While a yellow or orange flame does not pose an immediate danger, it still causes further problems that are better to be fixed before it's too late. They mean incomplete combustion, resulting in more soot, gas wastage, and increased energy bills.

The worst result will be the presence of increased carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas. It's also colorless and odorless, making it harder to detect and dangerous. Exposure to this toxic gas can result in health problems.

That's why it's imperative to address the yellow flame problem before it's too late. Contact your local HVAC technician for a heating repair service in Frisco, TX.

How To Keep Your Furnace Flame Burning Blue

A properly working heating system will generate a blue-colored flame. Keep the flame in that color by following these tips:

  • Schedule routine professional heating maintenance at least once before the winter starts. HVAC maintenance technicians usually check all components of your heating system during the service to find any fault and fix them. So, it's guaranteed that your furnace will produce healthy, sharp blue Flame.
  • Clean the dirt build-up in the burner or adjust the air shutter to allow more air in. Sometimes, the furnace flame turns blue when the air to fuel ratio isn't balanced.

You can also ask your local heating repair service technician in Frisco, TX, for expert maintenance advice.

Seek Help From The Right Professionals

If you notice a yellow or orange flame coming out of your furnace burner, immediately turn it off and call an HVAC technician to come over. This is the only way to ensure that your family's safety isn't compromised by this issue.

But it would be best if you’re also cautious when hiring a contractor. Make sure they have certified and licensed technicians. If you're looking for one, check out Harris Air Services. The company has been providing a wide array of HVAC services, including heating repair in Frisco, TX and the nearby communities since 2008. They have a long list of customers; you can find customer reviews on Google and Yelp.

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