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Who Is Midco International?

Jan 27

A Quick Overview

Thanks to a mix of creative product design, engineering, and meticulous attention to quality at every stage, Midco International is the world's top manufacturer of power burners. We design and manufacture high-quality, long-lasting products for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Our extensive product line provides clients with value by including features that meet their demands. Flexibility, simplicity of service, and component replacement are all made possible by interchangeable components and modular designs.

Burners That Run On Gas

To answer the expanding market need for gas-fired burners, we created the Economite, Incinomite, and Unipower lines of power burners. These burners are used in furnaces and boilers by residential, commercial, and industrial clients that want a clean, cost-effective, and efficient gas burner system. Our unique modular design elements and attention to precision in manufacture result to easy burner setup and low maintenance.

Burners For Commercial And Industrial Use

In both standard and customized applications, all of our gas burners provide optimal combustion efficiency and rugged reliability. Boilers, furnaces, make-up air warmers, industrial ovens, and crop dryers are just a few of the uses for these devices.

Midco International created the long-flame Incinomite concept and put it in a small, sturdy burner for commercial and industrial incineration applications. The Incinomite range has dominated the market for more than 40 years.


Midco International began as a maker of a variety of items, including onion peelers and air warmers. Midco International's rise to prominence as a global leader in power burners parallels some of the most momentous events of the twentieth century.


In 1941, the firm was renamed Mid-Continent Metal Products. Mid-Continent specialized in stamping and machining minor parts for American Navy warships when the United States entered World War II. Mid-Continent president Art Zitzewitz grew interested in acquiring sections of his uncle's Chicago firm, National Machine Works, in order to expand and improve the company. During the process, he discovered the beginnings of a gas burner line of products that the company was already producing. A switch to clean-burning natural gas was made across the country. It was inevitable that coal-fired heating systems would be replaced with natural gas-fired heating systems. Art Zitzewitz's long-term vision obtained the rights to these burner goods and incorporated Steve Zavodny and E.J. Haedike's burner development experience. This charted the route for Mid-future. Continent's

The war's expansion in 1942 quickly required the assistance of many Americans, including Art. This paved the way for his wife, Sonya Zitzewitz, to take over as president of Mid-Continent Metal Products while her husband was away. Sonya Zitzewitz managed day-to-day operations as well as negotiated government contracts for Navy terminal tube fittings with the same passion and financial acumen. Edward W. Haedike, E.J.'s son, joined Mid-Continent at this time.

Mr. Zitzewitz was a Lt. Colonel in command of Mediterranean tank repair while serving in the Army in Africa and Italy. When he returned, he appointed Frank Weiss, a member of his Army staff, as head engineer at Mid-Continent. After the war, the need for machined parts decreased. As a result, Art and Frank collaborated with burner experts Ed and Steve to create an innovative range of burner goods that revolutionized the market. To provide a continuous, dependable flame, a forced air blower was positioned behind the burner flame. Traditional burners, which rely on ambient drafts, were considerably inferior to this design. The "Economite" range of gas-fired burners was introduced by Mid-Continent and immediately became the industry standard. Throughout the twentieth century, the corporation advanced due to technological advancements and production competence.


In the 1950s, garbage incineration became more common. Mid-Continent responded by creating the "Incinomite" brand of gas burners, which are designed specifically for this expanding sector. These burners produced a long, brilliant flame that was suitable for use in incinerators. The firm is still the only manufacturer of this type of burner.

In 1955, the creation of new burner goods in a different industry maintained the trend of innovation. This was the beginning of Hal Beyer's influence in sales and marketing. When he married DeeDee Zitzewitz, he became a member of the Mid-Continent family. Later, he rose to the position of president, and the firm prospered as a result of his dedication to hard work.

For famed Chicago restaurateur Don Roth, who was about to launch his new Blackhawk restaurant, Peoples Gas Company of Chicago ordered a "one-time-only" application of charcoal-free gas food broiler. Mid-Continent designed and built a freestanding gas-fired flame-controlled food broiler using its technology and technical experience.

The term "char boiler" became a nationwide sensation. The demand for this revolutionary product from America's restaurateurs was overwhelming, and orders flooded in. The business launched the EmberGlo subsidiary to suit the enormous market demand. Broilers, steamers, accessories, and OEM food service burners and controllers are all part of the EmberGlo product range today.


Hal Beyer continued the Mid-Continent collaboration heritage by growing and improving the company's product range. The formation of a countrywide network of agents for the EmberGlo food service equipment division as well as the Midco power burner division resulted from innovative thinking. Expansion was inevitable, and Mid-Continent was forced to relocate to larger facilities at this time.


When the oil crisis hit towards the end of the decade, an increasing number of companies and homes switched from oil to natural gas. To accommodate the growing demand for gas-fired equipment, the firm expanded its operations once again. Conversions were simple because to Midco's exceptional design. Product demand has continued to rise as a result of great efficiency and dependability. The food service business was flourishing as well, and Midco's EmberGlo subsidiary sold a lot of gas broilers in Japan as the Asian market grew.

DeeDee (Zitzewitz) Beyer, Hal's wife, joined the Midco family in 1970, while Ric Beyer began his career with his father Hal as the "EmberGlo chef" at culinary conferences. Make-Up Air burners were acquired in large quantity by England. Economite conversion models were bought in considerable quantities by Canada. In 1979, Hal Beyer, now the president of Mid-continet, changed the company's name to Midco International to reflect the rising global interest in its goods.


In the 1980s, Midco relied heavily on market diversification. OEM sales and custom-designed burners were major growth areas for the firm. For equipment such as water heaters, boilers, crop dryers, and industrial ovens, the focus changed from product creation to product refining. Computer technology aided in a significant boost in output. After Hal's death in 1988, DeeDee took over as president of Midco and chose to expand again, constructing the plant they now run on Chicago's north side.


With another oil scarcity at the turn of the century, Midco's burner production grew once again. Today, the firm is still growing and prospering, as well as supplying high-quality items to customers all over the world, including the greatest in residential and industrial burners and food service equipment.