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Drainage Pumps: What You Need to Know

Jan 17

A drainage pump is used in residential and commercial properties to remove water from the building. This drainage system comes in many different shapes, sizes, and types. And it is essential to be aware of what exact drainage pump you need for your space.


In this article, we will cover the basics of drainage pumps so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next drainage pumps in Charlotte, NC!


How Do Drainage Pumps Work?


Your drainage pumps in Charlotte, NC are used to drain or remove water from your residential or commercial space. This can be done through either sump pump, submersible, or external drainage pumps, depending on the space that needs drainage.


  • Sump Pump Drainage Systems

A drainage system that utilizes a sump pump is usually used for basements and crawl spaces. The drainage pumps will be placed in a pit called the "sump." A pipe runs from this pit to either an exterior drainage point or another drain through your building's foundation wall into which water can flow out of your home or business.


●     Submersible Drainage Pumps

This pump will take in water using a pipe and eject it outside of the property after removing any unwanted debris. Submersible drainage systems are typically located inside tanks before being discharged into open drains or pools where they will continue draining away.


●     External Pump Drainage Systems

External drainage pumps work by drawing up standing water (and all surrounding contaminants) with suction hoses. These hoses then deposit this dirty water at designated points, like an exterior drain system, sump pit, dry wells, sumps, storm drains, nearby drainage ponds, lakes, rivers, and more!


What Are the Benefits of Drainage Pumps?



There are several advantages of having a drainage pump installed on your property. Below are some of the obvious benefits you will enjoy when these types of drainage systems are installed in your building:


●     Prevents Water Damage for Your Home or Building

Drainage pumps are used to protect the space from damage due to excess water, which can cause mold and other contaminants that will make your surroundings less enjoyable.


Drainage systems also prevent drainage problems like flooding, sewer backups (backed-up sewers), winterizing plumbing issues (like frozen pipes), plugged drains, failed septic tanks, sewer lines, and drains.


●     Minimizes Maintenance Work & Costs

A drainage system constantly works throughout its lifespan while performing all maintenance work for itself instead of needing someone's help. This means no more checking drainage pumps or worrying about running out of a drainage pump's battery power during a storm!


●     Increases Property Value

With drainage systems, rest assured you won't have any issues with flooding problems and therefore increase the value of your property.


This is especially helpful for those selling their building or home. So be sure to reach your trusted provider of drainage pumps in Charlotte, NC to have one installed in your space.


●     Drainage Pumps & Flooding

Drainage pumps are typically used in areas that have drainage issues. This includes construction sites, industrial factories, and residential homes where water drainage is a concern.


So, if you live in an area that has flooding problems or high levels of rainfall, in that case, drainage pumps can be highly beneficial to your property. Contact your trusted provider of high-quality drainage pumps in Charlotte, NC to learn more about these systems!


In Conclusion


Drainage pumps are beneficial to homes and businesses, specifically those located in an area that has drainage problems. And if you're looking for a trusted contractor of drainage pumps in Charlotte, NC, be sure to contact Crawlspace Xperts. They can provide drainage pumps for any commercial or residential needs you may have!


You can contact them at 1-803-448-1583.