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Why You Need Sump Pump Installation Repair

Jan 11

Flooded basements may be due to extreme snow, storm, or too much water in the storm sewers. Chicago residents know that significant damage follows suit if the sump pump fails. 

Who likes to have a flooded basement after a heavy summer storm or snowfall? Flood causes mold and mildew, odor, and weak foundation. This is considered an emergency. Nobody expects the flood to go down before the next storm hits. 

So if you need sump pump installation repair in Chicago, IL, always look for professionals to get the job done. 

Function of Sump Pumps

You can find sump pumps in the cellar or basement alongside a water basin. Water can enter the basement through rainfall or flooding because the ground level is higher than the basement. 

  • The role of a sump pump is to eliminate water and guide it away from your house. These are essential for homes situated on floodplains or low-lying regions common in Midwest areas. 
  • Since sump pumps typically depend on power, a few units have a battery backup while the house’s pressurized water supply controls some units. This means there is no need for power, but water disposal might require additional cost.
  • Sump pumps have great significance in controlling the degree of dampness in the home, giving a more secure and more solid home construction. 

Cost of Sump Pump Installation

If you ask for a price quote for installation, the floor’s hardness affects the sump pump installation cost. It is more expensive because of the digging. 

So if you have concrete floors, the cost can reach $5000 on top of the total cost. Residing in the city is also costlier, which means an additional $2000 or more is expected, compared to those in rural areas. The price varies, so always check and compare prices before sealing the deal.

What to Look For in a Sump Pump

Picking the right sump pump relies upon your particular requirements. You can choose either a pedestal sump pump or a submersible sump pump. 

A pedestal sump pump can cost $60 to $200, while a submersible sump pump can cost as much as $400. The lifespan of a pedestal sump pump is 25 to 30 years, while a submersible sump pump can live up to 15 years. 

Other factors to consider in choosing the right sump pump for your basement are the following:

  • automatic or manual
  • length of the power cord
  • voltage
  • amount of power needed
  • water level detector
  • backup system
  • alarm

Please take note that an extension cord is not allowed due to the possibility that it can sink in the water and cost electrocution.

So, when should you call for a sump pump installation repair in Chicago, IL

  • In a power failure, it’s best to install a backup battery to prevent power failure due to power outages during storms.
  • If the switch turns on and off continuously. And when water is stored in the discharge pipe and is frozen, or debris clogs the sump pit. 

Need Repairs Done? 

Remember, prevention is better than cure. Keeping the sump pump well maintained after installation is a must. Clean sump pumps at least every three to four months after installation. 

Good maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your unit and lessen unwanted expenses. It also adds value to your property since potential buyers no longer need to install their sump pumps.

If you have no idea what kind of sump pump repair or maintenance should be done, you should call a company specializing in sump pump installation repair in Chicago, IL. Contact Goode Plumbing now for a free estimate and to get your sump pump in tip-top shape in no time!